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The New CITYPLAY By Playermaker – What Is It All About?

If you’re a football/soccer player looking to take your game to the next level, you may want to consider investing in the new CITYPLAY Tracker by Playermaker. This wearable device helps footballers & coaches track and improve their physical & technical performance on the field, offering a broad range of advanced analytics that can you can access through the really easy-to-navigate app CITYPLAY App.

Some Words About Playermaker

Playermaker is the company behind the cutting-edge wearable tracker that tracks a footballer’s physical and technical performance. Founded in 2019, the company started off with its flagship product; the Playermaker (click here to check out our review). Playermaker was the first wearable tracking technology that could track and analyze both the physical *and* technical performance of a footballer.

Since late 2022, Playmaker partnered up with Manchester City to create CITYPLAY; a new, more advanced, and sophisticated wearable football tracker to help players improve their games even more.


By combining two critical aspects of elite player development; data collection & the Manchester City training philosophy. But what’s the difference between the old Playermaker and the new CITYPLAY powered by Playermaker? Let’s find out.

What Is The Difference Between CITYPLAY & Playermaker?

At first glance, no one would expect huge differences between the two trackers but in reality, the new CITYPLAY comes with more features, a more sleek, and lightweight design that makes the tracker seamless to wear, and of course, the partnership with Manchester City that has made the app and its features much more helpful and appealing to the modern footballer who’s looking to train like the elite.

So here are all the differences between the two models that will help you decide which of the two is the best solution for you.

differences between Playermaker & CITYPLAY
Differences between Playermaker & CITYPLAY

When & Why To Use CityPlay As A Football/Soccer Player?

The advanced features and design the new CITYPLAY offers, make it a perfect performance-tracking solution both for training and games. The data this tracker offers can be really valuable to navigate the training process and assess your game-day performance making it a no-brainer to use CITYPLAY in both instances. Let’s go over both for a second.

Using CITYPLAY At Training & Games

Data analysis & interpretation are two aspects of the modern game that play a vital role in how elite coaches structure and manage their training sessions. Playermaker and Manchester City teamed up together to provide players with the unique opportunity to take their training into their own hands and make better training decisions that are going to benefit their game.

So why should you use the new CITYPLAY?


Worried about doing too much? Or maybe too little? The new CITYPLAY by Playermaker gives you the opportunity to track your training load and make more conscious decisions in regard to how much you should train. In a game full of injuries, this wearable tracker offers a great opportunity to drastically minimize the risk of injury.


Wanna reach the next level in football but wonder what’s needed? Well in terms of the physical and technical demands you can count on the new CITYPLAY by Playermaker. You can utilize all of your performance data the tracker offers to create realistic and measurable goals you can shoot for during the season. By using the tracker both in games and training sessions you can easily track your progress and see what you need to improve more on.

*As an affiliate, I'm earning from qualifying purchases without any extra charges being placed on you.

Wanna learn more about how you can use the new CITYPLAY to improve your training and game-day performance? Here are 3 ways you can do that (click here).

The Impact Of Data Has On ELITE Player Development

Technology has had its impact on sports in general. From fitness trackers & smartphones that are used by the general pop to sophisticated tracking solutions used by F1 teams to fine-tune their efficiency and win more races. Tech is everywhere. In any sport or physical activity you can think of.

Of course, football; the world’s most popular sport, couldn’t be left out of the party and Playermaker played a vital role in this, delivering the world’s first wearable tracker that can track a footballer’s physical and technical performance.

Many world-class teams such as Manchester City have teamed up with Playermaker to take advantage of this unique opportunity. The data this magic little piece delivers is enough to help players and coaches make smarter training and game decisions.

Data collection and analysis play a vital role in today’s game and the need for more data and proper interpretation is only going to rise as the game moves on and gets even more sophisticated.

Having said that, do you even need the CITYPLAY tracker by Playermaker?

Do You Need The New CITYPLAY Tracker By Playermaker?

If you are a footballer that is just playing for fun it would obviously be nice to have access to the data behind your physical and technical performance but definitely not a must-have.

However, if you are a player or coach that is serious about his/her game and wants to do everything possible to upgrade the level of your training, investing in the new CITYPLAY by Playermaker might be a good purchase for you.

Its active use at training and games will help you familiarize yourself with data, explore the strengths & weaknesses of your game, become more self-aware, and help you structure your training much more strategically.

What Does The New CITYPLAY By Playermaker Track?

As mentioned earlier, the new CITYPLAY by Playermaker tracks a broad range of physical and technical performance KPI’s making it unique against its competitor – the GPS tracker – that can only track physical metrics outdoors (CITYPLAY can be used both indoors and outdoors).

So what does this little magic thing track?

*As an affiliate, I'm earning from qualifying purchases without any extra charges being placed on you.


  • Total Distance Covered
  • Top Speed
  • Sprint Distance
  • Work Rate
  • Number of Sprints
  • Accelerations & Decelerations


  • Number of Ball Touches
  • Technical Balance
  • Kick Velocity
  • One-Touch
  • Time on the Ball
  • Time to Release
  • Number of Possessions

You just put the lightweight & lean straps on your boots, insert the new ultralight and compact smart sensors inside the pockets of the straps, complete your session, sync the sensors with the new CITYPLAY iOS/Android app, and there you have it; a full breakdown of your game or training in “digestible” data points that can be easily interpreted by everyone; whether you’re a sports analyst or an amateur player.

And just like that you have access to 15+ football-specific metrics, you can build your Player Card, get personalized training advice backed by Man City’s training methodology, and share your data with your friends, teammates, coaches, and scouts.

Isn’t The CITYPLAY Data Only Useful To Pro Players?

No, having performance data available at your fingertips can benefit you no matter if you’re a grassroots player, an amateur, N’Golo Kante; a U-11’s coach, a physiotherapist, or Pep Guardiola.

What CITYPLAY by Playermaker does is bring the future closer to us.

It provides players, coaches, and teams of ALL levels with the unique opportunity to access those data points at a cost-effective price point, considering the millions (if not billions) that are spent on cutting-edge technologies each year by teams.

CITYPLAY can bring your training one step closer to the elite standard. And if you’re chasing the elite level, every detail counts!

What I Think Of The New CITYPLAY By Playermaker (Coach & Player Review)

For those of you following us on social media and YouTube you already know that I was using Playermaker as a coach and player and my opinion on it was really positive. I honestly think Playermaker does a great job delivering easy-to-digest data points that have had a great impact on my training decisions.

Its unique characteristic of tracking technical performance made it a no-brainer for me. I have used GPS vests in the past so I can honestly say that Playermaker offers far more versatility. That versatility was missing in the wearable football tracking market and Playermaker came in and absolutely crashed it!

With the release of the new CITYPLAY things got even more exciting.

More metrics, more features, a lighter, modern, and sleeker design, and that Man City partnership completely upgraded the whole experience.

Since I am a huge advocate of smart training and making elite-level training accessible to every single player on earth I think the new CITYPLAY deserves a spot in your shopping list if you’re willing to invest into your performance.

In a game where data plays an increasingly important role in navigating the training process, the new CITYPLAY is a great option for any footballer, coach, or team that is looking to step up their game.

The price of a CITYPLAY tracker might be a bit high but the value it offers makes it worth every single penny.

In fact, if you would like to get the tracker with an EXTRA 15% OFF discount, all you have to do is click the link here and use code “FOOTXFIT” at checkout.

*As an affiliate, I would be earning a small commission from qualifying purchases without ANY extra charges being placed on you.
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