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  • Playermaker Review + 3 Ways To Use It (EXTRA 20% OFF)
    Would you like to track your physical AND technical performance during a game or training session exactly as the pros do? Well in this article we will go over one piece of wearable tracking technology you have most probably heard of already; Playermaker. What Is Playermaker? Now, Playermaker is a wearable tracker that you strap…
  • 5 Pre-Game Drinks For Football Performance
    The market is full of drinks that are targeted towards athletes who seek a pre-game boost and enhance their performance. Which pre-game drinks are worth a purchase though? But most importantly why and how can you exactly use them to get ALL the benefits they’re supposed to offer. That’s what we’re gonna discuss in this…
  • Increase Your Top Speed By 6% In Football (3 Ways)
    Every single football player wants to increase his/her speed, no matter what position we’re talking about because let’s face it, speed can be deadly. The faster and the more powerful your actions are, the more chances you have to win the ball, get past defenders, cope with fast attackers, and generally do things that slow…
  • 3 SIMPLE Steps To Defend Long Balls In Football/Soccer
    Are you bad at defending long balls? Do you wanna minimize the chances of conceding a goal from a flick on and an easy finish on your back? Well, in this article, we are gonna go over ALL the small details no one is talking about when defending long balls and help you become a…


We are on our mission to impact the football world and help as many footballers across the globe as possible to #levelUP their performance and career.

As FootXFit, we try to approach the topic of player development holistically and understand that performance is multi-factorial. Therefore, we try to optimize every area of your development – and your overall life – in order to produce the best results possible. Hard work is great. SMART work is GENIUS!

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FootXFit started back in April, 2018. I’m currently 20 years old (2020-21), studying Sports Science in a European University and at the same time playing the beautiful game at a semi-professional level.

My goal since I started this project with FootXFit is to help as many footballers across the globe as possible that have the same questions, problems, dilemmas, and thoughts that I had (and have) about my training, nutrition, life habits, mentality, and my overall career and life as a footballer.

If you’re here, I assume you’re a football enthusiast who wants to take his/her performance further to the next level. No matter if you’re trying to become a professional football player (or you are one) or just want to improve your performance to enjoy playing this game a little bit more, you’re in the right place!

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