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  • 4+1 Tips To SCORE More GOALS In Football/Soccer
    Scoring goals is an art that not many football/soccer players possess. Some argue that it all comes down to talent but I personally think it is a skill you can develop just like any other. Of course, talent plays a huge role in order to fit into the .1% of elite football/soccer players, but you…
  • 4 Tips For A FASTER Speed Of Play In Football/Soccer
    No matter what you’re saying, the key difference between amateur, semi-pro, pro, or elite football/soccer players doesn’t necessarily lie behind better technique, tactical knowledge, or physical characteristics but more so a combination of those that can be summed up into their speed of play. Now in modern football/soccer, the speed at which you perceive, process,…
  • The 6 BEST Gym Exercises For Football SPEED, STRENGTH & POWER
    What if I told you that there are 6 types of exercises that are guaranteed to either improve your speed (linear or multidirectional), your power, or your strength for football and they are not the typical gym exercises that you perform at the 3X12 rep and set range? I’m sure you’re dying to find these…
  • Become A STRONGER Football/Soccer Player | 4 Things To Know
    Is your strength training making you a better bodybuilder and *not* a better football/soccer player? Are you tired of being thrown around each time you get into a physical battle, either at training or games? We all know that this is making you look weak. It is ultimately limiting you from delivering actual results for…


We are on our mission to impact the football world and help as many footballers across the globe as possible to #levelUP their performance and career.

As FootXFit, we try to approach the topic of player development holistically and understand that performance is multi-factorial. Therefore, we try to optimize every area of your development – and your overall life – in order to produce the best results possible. Hard work is great. SMART work is GENIUS!

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FootXFit started back in April, 2018. I’m currently 20 years old (2020-21), studying Sports Science in a European University and at the same time playing the beautiful game at a semi-professional level.

My goal since I started this project with FootXFit is to help as many footballers across the globe as possible that have the same questions, problems, dilemmas, and thoughts that I had (and have) about my training, nutrition, life habits, mentality, and my overall career and life as a footballer.

If you’re here, I assume you’re a football enthusiast who wants to take his/her performance further to the next level. No matter if you’re trying to become a professional football player (or you are one) or just want to improve your performance to enjoy playing this game a little bit more, you’re in the right place!

Join the FootXFit community and discover ways to #levelUP your game and achieve your VISION! You can find us daily on Instagram as well as here, our website, where we go in-depth and discuss various topics, geared towards YOUR development!