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Football Cover Letter – This Is What You’re Doing Wrong!

football cover letter - this is what you're doing wrong!

A Cover Letter is a really common tool people use to apply for jobs, but do you really need it as a football/soccer player to network?

To answer this shortly; yes, a properly-written cover letter is well worth the effort. However, if you do it the wrong way, the people you’re contacting will either waste their time or not read it at all.

You see the mistake every player is making with their football cover letter, is they’re trying to sell themselves as if they were applying for a working position or a spot in a high-level University. Contrary to that, no agent, agency, coach, or team is going to read an entire page full of fancy words that you believe are going to enhance the recruiting process.

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We hope this article will “shift” your mindset and help you create cover letter in a football-like manner.


A Cover Letter is a written document that you send along with your CV/Resume and your Highlight Tape, to spark the interest of the recipient (agency/agent/coach/team) to work with you. However, a football cover letter isn’t quite the same as a regular cover letter written for job applications.

A Football Cover Letter isn’t the usual one-page document that is filled with everything you think makes you a great “fit”. In the football sense, it basically is the e-mail or message you send along with your other networking documents.

The aim (and the structure) of this Football Cover Letter/E-mail is to quickly;

  1. Greet the recipient of your e-mail
  2. Introduce yourself (basic player information)
  3. Express your intentions
  4. Inform the recipient about your goals for the coming transfer window/season
  5. Include your contact details
  6. Attach your CV/Resume and Highlight Tape
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As mentioned, if the cover letter is written in an appropriate, football-like manner, it will always be needed in the networking process. Just sending out blank e-mails with your CV and a link to your Highlight Tape won’t make that great of an impression to the person sitting on the other end.

Remember that the whole communication process during a networking opportunity is an experience. It’s in your control to make that experience as great as possible, by being short yet informative.

Professionalism and respect are two key elements in a work relationship. Value and respect other people’s time, and try to create an easy-to-consume cover letter, CV, and Highlight Tape.


  1. Greeting – “Hello”, “Hi”, “Dear”
  2. Player Introduction – Name, Playing Position, Age, Nationality/Residence, Current/Last Team & League/Division
  3. Intentions – Why do you want to work with that person?
  4. Goals – What is/are your goal(s) for that specific transfer window?
  5. Contact Details – Phone Number & E-mail Address
  6. CV & Highlight Tape Attached

Make sure your cover letter is personalized to the individual or the organization receiving it. This will look and feel more professional and respectful. Here’s a typical e-mail/cover letter template you can use whilst networking. 

football cover letter sample


For the sake of this article, we once again got in touch with FIFA Licensed Agent, Dani Infante, to get his opinion and experience in regards to the topic of football cover letters.

*As an affiliate, I'm earning from qualifying purchases without any extra charges being placed on you.

What he told us was really interesting and totally resonates with our view. Take a read.

“I never read or ask players to send me a cover letter. It is just another prepared way for players to “sell” themselves by using fancy and overly ambitious words that might not even be truthful. Instead of filling a page with useless words, just opt for a simple and concise e-mail/message alongside your CV and Highlight Tape. That’s it.”

You told us that you don’t read cover letters, even if the player sends you one. What are you doing to get to know the player better?

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As Fiverr Affiliates we earn from qualifying purchases.

“I always try to have direct communication with the player and his family. Most of the time, we’re just a reflection of our parents and how they raised us. I ask questions about their background as well as a whole lot of uncomfortable ones! I try to bring up tough arguments on the table to see how the player reacts and responds. That’s how I “scan” the player. A prepared piece of paper doesn’t tell me anything.”

Thank you once again, Dani! If you want to connect with Dani Infante, check him out on Instagram @daninfante91. He’s an active football agent, currently based in Madrid, Spain.


After reading this article, we hope your approach in regards to cover letters has changed. There is literally no need to introduce yourself through a one or two-page essay about yourself. Value other people’s time and offer them an easy-to-consume and digest e-mail and/or message. That’s what it is all about.

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